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New to Florence Dental  ​- Even experience requires growth

  • WE PLACE IMPLANTS and are able to do implant surgery with the latest technology available, starting with a three dimensional cone beam x-ray scan of the area to receive the implant, followed by fabrication of a surgical guide made by a 3-d printer for the most accurate placement of the implant.  Cone beam should become a standard of practice..
  • WE OFFER LASER TECHNOLOGY for a less invasive tissue manipulation.
  • WE NOW OFFER TOOTH WHITENING AT A LOW COST because of significant advancements in the process.  When scheduling a cleaning, also schedule a whitening session for that same appointment.  Quick, easy, effective and safe.

About Us

  • We love to see you happy. We offer state of the art dental techniques in a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere, served up by one of the most experienced dentists in the field.  And we try to do it at reasonable rates.  No fancy office.  No gimmicks. 

  • Dr. Steiner is involved with every facet of the patient's care from exams and cleanings to the more complex of procedures.  His hands on and personal approach is very much valued by patients.  We know that every great smile--your smile--is the sign that we've done our job to provide a high level of care in the industry.

  • Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. Many new techniques can be accomplished with the right technology and know how. We use some of the latest technology, that provides tangible results at affordable rates.  We carefully pick and choose the technology we use, in efforts to benefit our patients.

  • We customize our treatment plans to the patient's needs and wants. We try to keep it simple, however, we can provide more comprehensive treatment plans for the patient who desires optimum restoration, but within strict ethical standards.  We enable patients to follow along on their planned treatment. However, not one size fits all.  While some patients desire more sophisticated restoration of the mouth, many just desire to be out of pain.  We maintain time in our schedule to care for the patient in pain.

  • Digital radiography - using lower radiation dosage, higher resolution digital radiography as opposed to traditional film radiography.  Highest resolution 3-dimensional radiography for better diagnosis.

  • Same day crowns - No multiple appointments.  Less time off work.  No temporary crowns.

​   Florence Dental is now providing the new and improved same day crown and bridge technology.  While         the basic technology has been around for several years, the accuracy and reliability has dramatically              improved. With that said, we feel the newer E4D technology, we use, is a quantum leap forward in same          day crown technology, both in accuracy levels and types of materials being used.  Patience is a virtue. 

   We not only "bought into the system" but have taken the time and classes to get our entire staff well              educated and certified in the cad/cam technology requisite of providing the best we can be provide and         we do not charge extra for same day crowns. 

Just relax and chill out with us while waiting for the crowns to be made.  Just "gitter done." Call us to find out more.  Enjoy a fruit smoothy or cup of coffee, while you wait. 

  • Implant PLACEMENT & restoration. While we do restore implants, Dr. Steiner is also certified to do implant surgery using cone-beam 3-D imaging, removing the guesswork.

Dr. Steiner offers vast experience, continuing education, and a well trained staff who work to provide you with the best we can offer and we do it at REASONABLE RATES.