​Dr. Steiner has not only loved the field of dentistry, being a bit of a polymath, he attained multiple black belts in the martial arts, training hundreds of students at his school, and wrote a martial arts text book for his students.  

He was the subject of a Sun Up Interview by Bob McMorris of the Omaha World Herald and TV interviews for his work with the handicapped via the martial arts.  He is a former pilot and Harley rider.  

He was called by Charles Kuralt of CBS News to panel a think tank on the Middle East crisis.  Dr. Steiner later wrote the acclaimed book, "Stealing Americas Future."  He is now involved in the writing of two new books.  Dr. Steiner was an Invited and featured guest at the 2019 New York City Book Expo.

He now spends his leisure time keeping honey bees, engaging in horticulture, fixing about anything that is broken, enjoys blacksmithing, and spending time with children and grandchildren.

However, he considers his greatest success is his family and his cancer survival.  Dr. Steiner understands what its like to be on the receiving end of medical care.   

Amanda - Certified Digital Dental Technician, Certified X-ray technician, Certified coronal polishing

Jacob - Bachelors of Science, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Digital Dental Technician, CAC, CDT, Certified x-ray technician, IT Specialist

Alaina - Associates General Health Studies,  Certified and Licensed Dental Assistant, Office Manager, Certified Digital Dental Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant,​ Certified x-ray technician, Expanded Duties Dental Assistant

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